• Power Oil Vegetable Oil 4.5litres

    Brand:Power Oil
    Sold By: Joainas Mart

    Despite being one of the most significant economies in Africa with an unprecedented growth rate, Nigeria continues to face challenges in terms of providing healthy, hygienic and quality food options to the masses. Our research on Nigerian consumption patterns revealed the prevalent use of cooking oil, 70% of which is unbranded. Unbranded Oil is carried in several dirty containers & kegs and sold in small polythene bags and re-used bottles. This provides many avenues for adulteration with deadly chemicals and chances of contamination with germs and insects. Studies show that 1 in every 5 Nigerians suffers from Heart-related problems.

    PowerOil is a vegetable cooking oil with No-cholesterol and No-transfat.

    Around 10 million Nigerians are obese. The statistics cut a sorry figure when it comes to Health status across the nation. Our very existence is to provide Nigerians with a healthy, hygienic money-for-value product and help lower these statistics.

    We understand the concerns of every mother who strives to provide good and healthy nutrition to her family. We aspire to empower her with a pure and healthy product as a solution to the problem she faces.

  • Devon King’s Cooking Oil – 1L

    Sold By: Joainas Mart

    Devon King’s unique double seal provides ultimate tamper evidence to guarantee you its utmost quality. With this, you’re sure of the quality product in every pack purchased. Whatever your needs are King of Value, truly delivers on freshness, world-class quality, tamper evidence to assure ultimate cooking oil quality.

    Key Features

    ·      Healthy pure cooking oil

    ·      Doesn’t oxidize under sunlight

    ·      Effective for cooking & frying.

    ·      Tamper-proof to assure quality.

    ·      Most affordable cooking oil in the market.

    Sold By: Joainas Mart

    Devon King’s Cooking Oil – 1L


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