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Internship at
Toko Marketplace Yola

Skills at Toko

Graphic design
Web development
Brand strategy
Video editing
Copy writing
Digital marketing



Most frequent questions and answers

Internship at Toko Marketplace is minimum 3 Months. Every applicant must be willing to commit at least 3 months period for the internship program in order to be awarded the completion certificate

Ecom Toko Enterprises or Toko Marketplace does not offer Paid Internships. However, interns may receive certain perks and special benefits for choosing to intern with Toko Marketplace, Yola, Adamawa.

Yes, a completion certificate will only be issued to candidates who have committed at least 3 months at Toko Marketplace under an assigned supervisor. A filled clearance form issued by the supervisor validates the internship

The internship can be taken either remotely or in person at Toko Marketplace Office, Yola. 

Yes, candidates can apply to extend their internship period at Toko Marketplace. However, Internship at Toko Marketplace does not equate to being staff of Toko or guarantee employment with Toko Marketplace afterward.

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